“Be There” Even When You’re Closed for the Holidays

“Be There” Even When You’re Closed for the Holidays

The holiday season is here! But, if your company is a provider of quality services or products,  you can’t afford to let that quality slide; even though many staff members will be taking some well deserved breaks over the next couple of weeks. In fact, several businesses actually do get busier this time of year so it’s essential that you maintain communication with clients and potential customers, even though the holidays are upon us.

Never Miss Call

With a helping hand from virtual receptionists, it is possible to keep your business operating efficiently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These call answering services give you an affordable solution to aid staffing demands and handle additional holiday call volume. Call overflow can easily be routed to the service when your office is extra busy or even closed. These services give you a live human voice that can respond and take messages for you when you and your staff can’t get to the phone.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Virtual receptionists are real people and they are ready to provide great customer service while your business is closed for the holidays. Someone will always be available to take calls for a fraction of the price you might pay in-house employees. The higher the satisfaction level for customers, the higher the chances of your brand being promoted over others.

Give Your Workforce a Break

It can be bad business to expect staff members to sit in the office when they should be celebrating the season with their nearest and dearest. Treating them to time off and closing the office can greatly improve team moral and culture. Show them you appreciate their efforts by getting them extra support (i.e. a quality call answering service) to help them ensure every call is answered, and customers are kept happy. Engaging an answering can benefit many types of companies, including medical practices, service and trades such as HVAC and plumbing professionals, and property management firms.  Treat your team to well deserved time off, but not at the expense of providing quality service to your clients.  Utilizing an answering service ensures your customers can speak to a friendly voice instead of voice mail or endless ringing when your staff is enjoying their deserved break.