Property Management: The Art of Availability

Property Management: The Art of Availability


Finding new tenants can be extremely costly for property managers. As a tenant transitions outProperty_Management.jpg of the residence, there’s the cost of repair, paid advertising to fill the space, and then the lost revenue as the space sits vacant.

Although the situation may be out of the property manager’s hands, it’s important to focus on resident retention with a positive customer experience. The more you make a tenant feel welcome, the less likely they are to leave. Furthermore, if they are satisfied with their experience, when the time comes and they are ready to leave, they’re far more likely to give you plenty of notice, giving you time to lease the space quickly. A positive relationship benefits both parties.

The easiest way to provide an experience that will keep your tenants satisfied is to establish effective communication. In an American Express survey, 43% of unsatisfied consumers said the most frustrating aspect of customer service was either unresponsive customer agents or waiting too long to have an issue resolved. As a property manager, there is no shortage of tenant complaints that need to be addressed. From a leaky faucet, to a broken refrigerator, to a new set of keys–you never know what that voice on the other end of the phone may need.

Although you always want to help your tenants, it’s hard to answer every phone call on a busy day. In addition, Issues can happen at anytime, so your customer service needs to be ready to help 24/7.

Since you can’t be everywhere at once, we recommend a live answering service. Rather than sending a tenant to voicemail or to an automated answering service, forward the call to a real person – no matter the hour of the day!

Now, when your tenants are in need, they can speak with a professional who will take their message and deliver it to the appropriate contact from your organization. Just adding the simple human element will put your tenants at ease. They will appreciate the personal touch, and they will surely grant you leniency if you are unable to contact them right away.

Professional answering services are becoming a staple for property managers across the country. They help you provide the high level of customer service tenants demand, while also giving you the ability to more effectively manage the vital communication elements that increase tenant retention. So next time that phone rings past midnight, why not have the call routed to a real person standing by 24/7/365, rather than an automated voicemail? The calming voice will put your tenants at ease, knowing that your organization is always there for them.

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