24 Hour Answering Service

24/7 phone service sets you apart from the competition

Because the competition didn’t answer the call

Answering every call seizes every revenue opportunity. Your customers receive better service, and you build a reliable reputation.

Focus on your business, we’ll pick up the phone

You need to meet with clients, your team, make sales calls, and do more work every day. You’re not always available to pick up the phone when your customers call.

It’s frustrating when you miss customer calls because you’re not delivering the best customer service. Their call is important, but your resources are limited.


With a 24/7 answering service, you don’t need to feel frustrated about missed calls

Calls are always answered by a knowledgeable, professional agent

The agent acts as an extension of your team, answering with your business greeting

Calls and messages are filtered to you to process the way you like

You don’t need to be on high alert for every phone call, giving you time to focus on business

Call us. We’re available 24/7.

We walk the walk & talk the talk.

Professional, skilled team answering your phone calls

One answering service concern we often hear is, “I don’t want someone talking to my customers that isn’t familiar with my business”.

With Main Line TeleCommunications, you are paired with a team of agents that are educated on your business, experienced in your industry, and prepared to help your customers find the answer to their questions.

10 Tips for Choosing a Telephone Answering Service

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Improved call quality through specialized industry expertise


  • Answer emergency phone calls after office hours
  • Give your nurses and staff more time to focus on patients
  • Field messages for doctors and nurses
  • HIPAA compliant messages and email send sensitive information to you

Trades & Services

  • Respond to emergency maintenance or booking calls
  • Answer calls from potential customers after hours
  • Never missing calls means customers don’t go to the competition

Property Management

  • Handle middle of the night maintenance emergency calls
  • Take requests for bookings while you are busy
  • Residential property owners free time to live life and generate extra income
  • Commercial property owners can focus on generating more revenue

Professional Services

  • Answer prospect calls after hours
  • Focus on your business without being committed to your phone