Virtual Receptionist Services

Drive revenue & improve customer service with an extra set of hands

Hiring a virtual assistant costs less than a full-time employee and frees up Human Resources.

Main Line TeleCommunications staffs Virtual Assistants that are professional, courteous, and ready to help your business.


Your virtual assistant can help you with…

Accurate Message Delivery

Not every phone call needs to be returned. Your virtual receptionist will take your message and relay its priority and your next step – reducing  your to-do list.

Improve Customer Service

Having a human voice answer the phone – not just an answering machine, sends the message that your customer’s call is important and you are available.

Handle Priority Calls

Your virtual assistant can help assign priority to calls and get you involved faster when needed. Machines can’t do that.

Save on Labor Costs

A virtual assistant not only saves on salary costs, you also save on the costs of scheduling, benefits, equipment, and vacations.

US-Based Virtual Assistants

Outsourcing your Virtual Assistant doesn’t have to mean the call goes oceans away.

Our agents are all native English speakers based in the USA. Most of our agents are located in the greater Philadelphia area and serve clients nationally and beyond.

When your customers call, they will never need to wonder where your receptionist is located or how it will affect their customer service.

When you call, we answer

Schedule a call with Main Line to discover how a Virtual Assistant will help you focus on your job and make your customers happy.

Who Uses a Virtual Assistant


Ensure only truly urgent calls get through after-hours to on-call physician(s) and/or take calls during the day when office staff is not available.

Trades & Services

Never miss a call when you are on the job. Your Virtual Assistant takes the message and ensures you don’t miss key revenue opportunities.

Property Management

Spend your time with tours and bookings while your Virtual Assistant takes calls from tenants and prospective renters.

Professional Services

Focus on delivering your clients excellent service without being interrupted every time the phone rings.