After Hours Answering Service

Deliver excellent customer service even when you’re off the clock

Even though your sign says “Closed”, your customers and prospects still might need you. That voicemail could contain a customer emergency, or it could be a hot prospect ready to do business with you.

Whatever it is, it is in your best business interest to answer the call.

After Hours Answering Service means better service for your customers and more business for you.

It’s possible to drive revenue when you’re off the clock. Having a professional, human voice pick up the phone at 5:15 shows that you are committed to helping clients solve their problems.


How an after hours answering service helps your business

Never let prospects go to voicemail

Take revenue generating calls when you’re not in the office

Prove to customers that they come first, at any time

Answer emergency calls

Improved Call Quality Through Specialized Industry Expertise

Industry-educated agents can answer customer questions with confidence.


  • Home Health Care
  • Hospice
  • Family Practices
  • Specialty Practices
  • Dental practices

Property Management

  • Residential Rentals
  • Commercial Properties

Trades & Services

  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Oil & Gas delivery & more

Professional Services

  • Law Firms
  • Accounting Firms
  • Insurance Companies
  • Banks
  • Independent Lenders

We also work with Managed Services Firms, Digital Agencies, and a variety of other businesses, including yours.

10 Tips for Choosing a Telephone Answering Service

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Receive messages how you want, any time

You choose how you’re notified when a call comes in after hours. After hours answering service paired with custom messaging gives you full control over your business communication.

Receive messages by:

  • Text
  • Email
  • Phone call
  • HIPAA compliant secure messaging
  • Pager
  • Specialty alert

You can also assign priority criteria to messages and detailed escalation procedures so your messages get through – no matter what.