Improving Your Medical Organization’s Bottom Line With a Live Answering Service

Improving Your Medical Organization’s Bottom Line With a Live Answering Service

Perhaps you’ve considered bringing a medical answering service on board, but you’ve got concerns. What about

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the cost? Will customers respond well to an outside system? How will a medical answering service enhance your practice?

You might be surprised to learn that medical answering services will not only improve your revenue, but also help save you cash and retain customers. Let’s look at the ways a medical answering service will lead to a better-performing practice.

1. Eliminate Additional Employee Overhead

You know that staffing your office is expensive, so imagine what the additional cost would be if you had a person on site to cover the phones at night and during the weekend, or even on holidays. You’d be shelling out tens of thousands of dollars for a salary, not to mention benefits, and paid time off.

However, hiring a medical answering service will eliminate the need to add another person (or two or three) to your payroll. Instead, you can get the 24/7 coverage you need at a fraction of the cost of hiring a receptionist—minus the HR headaches and need to cover the receptionist’s absences yourself.

2. Improve Your Organization’s Rep

You are probably aware that your reputation among your patients can make or break your business. If they love you, they’ll send everyone they know your way, but if they feel that they’re not treated well, or that they’re not your primary priority, they’ll discourage their friends and family from joining your practice.

How do you think your patients feel when they’re routed to voicemail? They probably don’t feel that you take their medical issues seriously. Imagine having professional operators available at any time to take their calls when your in-house staff is not available. Your patients would feel that they’re of the utmost importance to you and to your practice. When people feel that they’re getting special treatment, they’re more likely to make those all-important referrals.

3. Increase Your Accessibility to Your Patients

Naturally, your patients want to feel that they’re your first priority. If they can’t reach your office at any hour, day or night, it’s possible that they’ll simply take their business to a practice that’s prepared to answer their questions and schedule their appointments on demand.

Many patients are deterred by voicemail; rather than leaving a message requesting a callback, they’re likely to hang up and try another doctor. You can increase the number of visits to your clinic simply by ensuring that every call is answered, no matter the time of day.

4. Be Prepared

Like the Boy Scouts, most medical organizations are determined to be prepared for any eventuality—sometimes, a person’s life depends upon it! Of course, there are times that your staff members might not be able to make it to work. Weather, sickness, or family emergencies are all factors that could cause absences.

What do you do when there’s no one to cover your phones? If you had a medical answering service, you wouldn’t be worried at all. No matter the weather, or the latest virus that’s making the rounds, there will always be someone handling the phones when you hire a medical answering service.

If you’re interested in improving your organization’s reputation among your patients while increasing your profit, contact us to discuss implementing a medical answering service today!