Medical Answering Services for Healthcare Organizations

Improve patient satisfaction, office operations, and revenue

When you’re reimbursed on your patient satisfaction scores, you can’t afford to let phones ring or make patients wait longer than they have to.

HIPAA compliant answering service handles call overflow, lunch hour calls, after hours calls, and more so you can focus on patient care.


Professional Answering Services are a Smart Business Decision for Healthcare

Nurses are expensive receptionists

When you have patients in the office, it’s up to nurses and support staff to answer calls. This takes them away from your patients and is a costly use of their talents.

Missed calls are lost revenue opportunities

Missing calls from new patients or referrals costs your practice revenue. Patients are likely to start with the first practice that answers the phone. If they go to voicemail, it’s likely you’ll miss the revenue opportunity all together.

Better patient satisfaction = better reimbursement

The patient’s journey with your practice starts with that first phone call. Delivering excellent patient care from their first phone call to appointment confirmations, to their visit, to follow up calls will improve their overall satisfaction with their care. And that translates to your bottom line.

Agents Experienced with Medical Administration

Our agents are specially trained to handle needs of different types of healthcare facilities. Minimal guidance is needed as the experienced professionals know how to handle a variety of different medical administrative situations.

We are the professional answering service for:

  • Doctor’s offices
  • Specialty practices
  • Dentist offices
  • Home & Hospice Care
  • Medical Equipment Providers
  • Healthcare Systems & more

Our medical answering services will help your practices with

  • Urgent after-hours call management and escalation
  • Answering call overflow
  • Appointment cancellations
  • Handling phone outages or full phone lines
  • Manage phones on holidays, vacations, and times when the offices are closed
  • And more

HIPAA compliant messaging protects patient health information

Our agents are trained and independently certified on how to properly handle patient health information. We have multiple options available for secure message delivery and retrieval to ensure your office maintains compliance.

  • Secure text messaging apps
  • Secure e-mail messaging
  • Integrated escalation options