Professional Services

True Professionals Ensure the Phone is Answered – Every Time

Phone calls today are more important than ever

These days people have numerous options to reach you or find more information about your organization: e-mail, company website, web forms, text, social channels, review websites, etc.

So if they actually take the time to pick up the phone, it is likely they have an urgent need that they believe you can address for them. If the phone goes to voice-mail or is unanswered, chances are you’ve missed a great opportunity.


Quality Answering Services are Great for High-Touch, Professional Services Client Environments

Capture New Prospects

If someone is calling you for the services your provide, but the call goes to voice-mail, they will most often call the next provider on a list.  However, if they get a warm, friendly, live representative; your chances of getting their business increase dramatically.

Keep Existing Clients Happy

Research proves that client callers who get a live person vs. automated voice menus and voice-mail are much more satisfied and less likely to leave their provider.  Having an actual person take their call and collect their message during their moment of need gives them the confidence that you are working in their best interest.

More Revenue and Less Headaches

Professional service organizations understand the importance of managing expectations, but they often overlook this key element when it comes to their in-bound phone calls.  Engaging a quality answering service is an easy way to capture more revenue opportunities and reduce client frustrations by properly managing caller expectations – no matter when they call.

Customized Inbound Calling Solutions

At Main Line TeleCommunications, we customize your inbound calling program based on the unique needs of your business.

Our agents answer for a wide variety of businesses and have the expertise to ensure your callers receive a courteous, professional  experience every time they call.

Professional services we answer for include, but are not limited to:

  • Law offices
  • Digital marketing agencies
  • IT & managed services providers
  • Sales professionals
  • Call center overflow support
  • Professional associations

Our agents can help you with:

  • Urgent 24/7 or after-hours call management and escalation
  • Answering call overflow during business hours
  • Appointment cancellations
  • Handling phone outages or full phone lines
  • Manage phones on holidays, vacations, and times when the offices are closed
  • And more