Voice Mail Message Retrieval/Check-In Instructions

How to retrieve voice mail messages (check-in)

  1. Dial check in number: 610-520-7979
  2. Enter your personal mailbox number _________ then press #
  3. Enter your pass code number _______________then press #
  4. The announcer will greet and advise you of message status (i.e. # of messages not played and saved messages)
  5. Follow prompts to play your messages
  6. The typical check in sequence is 7# (play first message), 3# (delete message) and 9# (exit)

Main Check in Menu

7 to play first message

8 for user options

0 for assistance

9 to disconnect

While Playing a Message

# to rewind the message

* to fast forward the message

After Playing a Message

3 to delete the current message

5 to keep current message

7 to replay the current message

4 to give message to another user

User Options

4 changes mailbox greeting

2 changes auto answer greeting

7 changes the pass code

3 edits message distribution lists


  • Initial pass code matches your main account number (even for sub boxes off the main mailbox).
  • Press # after each action.  This will speed up verification.
  • Pressing 0 at any time will connect you with a TSR (operator)
  • All messages (played and not played) will be purged from the system, typically in 5 days.