Recording a Front End Greeting

How to record a front end greeting

A front end greeting (FEG) is a recording that is heard by the caller prior to reaching a Telephone Service Representative.  To record a front end greeting follow the instructions below. Please do not hesitate to contact an Operations Supervisor if you require assistance.

  • Dial the check in line (610 520-7979)
  • Enter your personal mailbox number ______ then press #.
  • Enter your pass code ______ then press #.
    • The announcer will greet and advise you of the message status.
    • Upon hearing the announcer, immediately press “8” (user options-editing announcements).  You do not need to listen to the entire recording.
  • Press 4 to change your greeting.
  • Press 2 to record a message
    • Press any key to pause recording.
  • Press 7 to listen to the recording.
  • To save the greeting
    • Press 5 to save as your night message.  This is typically your permanent greeting that plays each evening and early morning prior to the office opening.
    • Press 4 to save as your day message.  This is for a recording a temporary greeting for situations such as closing for a meeting, inclement weather, phone problems.
    • If you save a recording as the day greeting you must call the service, ask for a supervisor, and request your account status be changed to day status.