Professional Answering Service Gives Personal Touch to Digital World

Professional Answering Service Gives Personal Touch to Digital World

“Ain’t technology great?  Yea – when it’s working!!” a modern professional answering serviceLove it or hate it,
technology has become an integral part of our lives.  Some  of the most dreaded words these days in the working world are “the system is down” or “I lost my smart phone”.  Why?  Because when the technology we use to perform our daily tasks is taken away, our ability to be productive takes a massive nose-dive.

It’s the Experience First

Although technology plays an important role, business managers need to remember that now, more than ever, it is the user experience, both external AND internal, that matters most.  Think about the last time a significant new technology was implemented at your office.  Was the overall reaction intimidation? frustration? Or were employees empowered by how much easier it was to properly serve in their job functions?

When ‘the powers that be’ at an organization bring in new technology, the focus is usually much greater on “all the wonderful things it can do for us” as opposed to “how will it improve the user experience for our clients and our employees”.  Because of this misguided focus, new technology deployments often lead to new and unintended issues, including employee dissatisfaction and frustrated clients.

Personalize Your Best – Then Automate the Rest

As a professional answering service, you might think we’re biased against the growing technology trends in digital communications.  On the contrary, we actually embrace it.  In modern business transactions, much of the information leading up to a transaction can be gathered or shared in a digitally automated fashion.  However, during the most critical time of the transaction (when the buyer wants to make a buying decision), the ability of the buyer to reach a live person to help manage their expectations is a critical factor.  For your existing clients, the ability to reach a live person (when digital means cannot or will not address their concerns) can mean the difference between a happy client and a lost client.

Our specialty is providing a live, friendly and helpful voice to the callers of our clients when they are not able to answer the call.  This is especially important for high-touch client environments such as medical practices, trades and service contractors, and professional service providers.  By utilizing services like ours to provide the best possible personalized user experience, business practices are able to increase client or patient satisfaction as well as capture revenue opportunities they would have otherwise missed.

Remember, it is a Professional Service

The world’s most admired companies; including Apple, Google and; may be viewed as technology innovators, but if you look closely at their DNA, to them the technology has always been secondary.  The primary focus at each company has always been to provide the best possible user experience.  They did not cut corners, or use the cheapest services they could find.  Instead they invested in their people and their passion to create better experiences.  The innovative technology is a byproduct of that passion of going above and beyond on a consistent basis.

If you provide a professional service, you should partner with vendors who share your unique values and are as passionate about serving clients as you are.  Technology will always be a moving target, but if you put it in the right perspective, decisions about technology, and the providers you engage to implement it, will become much easier.

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