Call Handling Services Build Better Business

Call Handling Services Build Better Business

Why has social media exploded over the last few years?  Facebook was just founded in 2004, call handling services YouTube in 2005, and Twitter in 2006.  Can you think of any other industry where a product or service went from nothing to a house-hold name with hundreds of millions of users world-wide in less than 8 years?

Communication Is King

The reason for this phenomenon is simple: people love to communicate. From its inception, the Internet was a great way to post and share information, but it has always been a very impersonal experience. With the creation of social platforms, people now have fun and easy-to-use tools to maintain and build their personal relationships outside of face-to-face and phone interactions. Okay, but what does this have to do with call handling services?

A Better Way? Or Just Another Way?

Of course these social platforms are making the big headlines, and businesses are starting to find ways to use social channels to support business efforts. But for many service oriented businesses, call handling services are critical because the phone is still the best direct communication tool available. For example: If your air conditioner breaks on a 90 degree day, Twitter can’t help you. If you tore your rotator cuff playing ball at the family picnic, Facebook isn’t the place to go. If the roof starts leaking at your office complex, YouTube may have some funny videos similar to your situation, but won’t help you solve the problem. Yes, the Internet and even perhaps your social channels may help you find some good resources for your issue, but in order to solve the problem, one or more calls will need to be made.

Cause and Effect Uptrend

Quality call handling services are actually in an uptrend thanks to the explosion of social media. Businesses that provide poor or mediocre service are now more quickly exposed through social channels. Companies are realizing that complex voice-menus or dated voice-mail systems are major points of frustration for their clients and prospective clients. When the proper call handling services are engaged, businesses of all types are able to improve client retention, increase customer satisfaction and generate more revenue.

What about your business organization? Are call handling services a part of your overall communication strategy? Please share your comments; we would like to hear from you.


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