Call Forwarding Procedures

How to activate call forwarding:

  1. Lift the receiver and listen for the dial tone.
  2. Dial *72 and wait to hear the dial tone again.
  3. Dial ___________ (your call forwarding phone number).
    1. Wait for the call to be answered by your front end greeting. Keep the connection for at least 6 seconds for the forwarding to become effective.
  4. You do not need to come through to an MLT agent for the lines to forward

How to confirm call forwarding activation:

  • Dial *72 from the line being forwarded and you will hear two short tones; OR
  • Dial the call forwarded phone number from a different phone line (such as your private office number). Listen for the transfer to MLT’s system, identified by the beginning of your front end greeting. Once you hear the greeting, you are assured the transfer has occurred. There is no need to speak with an MLT agent).

How to deactivate call forwarding:

  • Lift the receiver and listen for dial tone.
  • Dial *73. Service will be restored directly to the client’s phone. There is no need to speak with an MLT agent.

Trouble Shooting

If you hear a busy signal when dialing *72, your call forwarding may be activated. Perform confirmation procedures to assure it is call forwarded to your MLT account.

If you are having problems activating call forwarding, clear the phone line by deactivating call forwarding (*73) and reinitiating the call forwarding procedure.