Professional phone answering service that appreciates the importance of every call

We provide a friendly voice to answer your customer’s call when you are unavailable.

Main Line TeleCommunications provides:

  • 24/7 telephone answering services
  • Call overflow support during office hours
  • Professional customer service
  • Customized message delivery & escalation
  • After hours answering services
  • Employee call out lines

Our Family Values are for success of clients, self, team and company:

  • We are fanatical about service excellence
  • We act with integrity & accountability
  • We genuinely care
  • We are reliable, always available
  • We smile & have fun!

Facts About Main Line TeleCommunications


Years in Business


Percent of calls answered within first 3 rings


Years average tenure for employees


Call at a time means callers aren't put on hold

Industry Awards in the US & Canada

Awarded for excellence in caller experience, courtesy, response time, accuracy and overall service to their clients.

12-Year Diamond Plus ATSI Award of Excellence

Mainline TeleCommunications has won the Diamond Plus ATSI Award of Excellence 12 times!

10-Year Sapphire Award Winner from Cam-X

Mainline TeleCommunications has won the Sapphire Award Winner from Cam-X 9 times!

SASA Superior Agent Service Award: 5 of the top 10 individual Superior Agent calls were awarded to MLT Agents.

SASA Superior Agent Service Award

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What We Believe

Better customer service begins with a consultative approach

We can’t serve your customers if we don’t know your business. We utilize a consultative approach so we can create the best plan for you.

Consultation to build your answering service plan

We start each engagement with a consultation to identify your business needs, industry specifics, financial parameters, message delivery requirements, etc. Then we create the answering service plan that will fit your needs.

Quality control ensures satisfaction for every customer

Delivering professional service to your customers means holding our employees to the highest standards. Our employees undergo rigorous ongoing training to ensure they are well equipped to represent your brand.

Weekly reviews & accuracy checkpoints

Every agent is evaluated weekly on three random calls to comply with MLT’s quality assurance program. The program checklist features 16 specific aspects of handling each incoming conversation.

The performance checks don’t stop there. After each message is taken, it is reviewed once more by our dispatch team for accuracy. Then, our dispatchers ensure the message is properly routed.

Current Answering Service Dropping the Call?

Call us & hear what service sounds like.

Quality you demand from an answering service


All of our agents are native English speakers. Language barriers will never be an issue for your customers.

Spanish speaking services are available at request.

National Service

We provide services to the greater mid-atlantic area and beyond. While our agents are based on the East Coast, we provide 24/7 service nationwide.


Our agents undergo intensive professional training. They also are trained in handling issues for your specific business and industry.

Industry knowledge makes your calls more accurate

Our agents have experience in your industry. Industry knowledge means that our agents use the right industry-specific terms, ask the right questions, and know what not to ask.


  • Medical practices
  • Health systems
  • Home healthcare
  • Specialty practices
  • Dental offices

Trades & Services

  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • General contracting
  • Oil & Gas Delivery
  • Commercial Services

Property Management

  • Residential properties
  • Commercial properties
  • Association management
  • Realtors

Professional Services

  • IT/Managed services
  • Digital agencies
  • Law offices
  • Small businesses