7 Tips for Growing Your Electrician Business

7 Tips for Growing Your Electrician Business

Maintaining a small business has always been difficult. To get your electrician business to Electricians_answering_service.jpggrow and expand, you need to dedicate more time and resources to the business end of things, such as sales and marketing, which leaves less time and resources to spend on doing electrical work. How can you increase your revenue and get more customers without sacrificing the actual work that you do? Here are 7 tips.

  1. Grow Your Email Database. One great way of reaching more potential customers at one time is to expand your e-mail list. Consolidate all of your contacts into a single list with whom you can communicate all at once. Then encourage visitors to your website to sign up for regular (non-intrusive) e-mails. With the promise of discounts, coupons, and other deals, you can entice people to provide you with their e-mail address and thus build up your list of leads.
  2. Nurture Relationships. Generating leads is only the first step. If you want to turn them into sales—or turn individual sales into repeat customers—then you need to build relationships with people. Start by reaching out to your old customers every once in awhile, just to check in and see if they need anything. Then have some of the people on your team personally contact the names on your e-mail list. Find out what kind of work they were thinking about, and how you can help them. They might not right now, but if you stay on their radar, they’ll think of you when they do need work done.
  3. Expand Your Service Offerings. Your clients hire you to do basic electrical work. But if they’re impressed with the quality of your work, they might be willing to hire you for other services as well. Get in touch with your existing clients and offer them things like lighting maintenance, tenant improvements, emergency service, etc. at a small discount, since they’re preferred customers. Chances are, they’ll be eager to throw more business your way, since they already know and trust you, rather than trying to find and establish a relationship with a completely new contractor.
  4. Never Miss a Call. Particularly if you’re a small business without many employees, keeping up with the phones can be difficult. If a potential client calls and no one is in the office to take their call, you can end up losing their business as they go with a different electrician while waiting for someone from your organization to call them back. However, with an answering service or virtual secretary, you can have a whole team manning the phones 24/7. They’ll take every call, take down messages, and represent your company fully. It will give your business a professional feel, making it seem like you’re a big, well-oiled organization, rather than a small one.
  5. Define a Marketing Strategy. There are plenty of tried and true methods for promoting your company, but in order to implement them successfully, you need to start with a plan. What methods are you currently using to promote your business, and how much revenue are you getting from them? What types of work are the most profitable for your company, and which types aren’t? Most importantly, what are your goals for the future of your company, in terms of revenue, customers, areas served, etc.? Then, when you begin to put together your marketing strategy, look at every potential idea and solution through that lens: how will this help you to achieve the goals you’ve outlined?
  6. Pay Attention to Emerging Trends. What are others in your industry doing to grow their businesses? What new policies, new technologies, and new approaches are they trying out? In particular, in the electrical industry, green technologies are growing in popularity, such as solar and wind power. Buildings are working to become LEED certified, to demonstrate that they’re energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Educating yourself on these topics will allow you to help customers who are concerned about energy and the environment to go green, thus opening up a whole new potential revenue stream. On the other hand, if you ignore emerging trends like this in your industry, you can end up being left in the dust as your competitors adopt them first.
  7. Survey Customers. If you want to keep your clients coming back to you long term, it’s important that you be able to meet their needs and exceed their expectations. Are your clients satisfied with your service, enough to keep your number in their phone? Ask them. Call up past clients, or send them an email survey, to find out just what they thought of your visit and the service you provided. Take note of their responses and use them to improve your service going forward. And any changes you make, inform the clients that suggested them, so they know that their input is making a difference.

These are just a few of the steps you can take to grow your electrician business, expand your customer base, and increase revenue. If you really want to grow your business, it takes time, effort, and dedication. But in the end, it’ll be worth it, when the new clients start rolling in.

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