5 Reasons Why Your HVAC Business Needs a Virtual Assistant

5 Reasons Why Your HVAC Business Needs a Virtual Assistant

If you are running an HVAC business, you are probably one of the busiest people in town. virtual assistant for HVAC businessesFrom sales and  appointments, to phone calls and inventory – not to mention actual service work – it’s hard to find a spare moment. Many HVAC business owners are turning to virtual assistants to handle the simple phone calls that chip away at your valuable time. Although you might be apprehensive about handing over your phone to a virtual assistant, here are five reasons that will make you reconsider.

  1. Answer Calls When You’re Too Busy: That first call from a potential customer is one you can’t miss. Even if you call back in just a few minutes, they might have already found another service provider. Despite this fact, it’s difficult to interrupt a sales call for an unknown number, or step away from a service job to handle an administrative duty. When you have a virtual assistant, you will have a real human voice to answer calls, provide information, and deliver messages whenever you need.
  2. No training Required: By hiring a virtual assistant, you can skip the lengthy training process necessary for every new hire. Trained to be courteous and respectful, monitored to assure quality, and thoroughly informed about your specific company, virtual assistants make sure you will provide the best experience for new and existing customers.
  3. Eliminate the Need for More Office Space: It’s difficult enough to run your shop, imagine adding or finding new office space for new office staff. Once you add up price of renovation, necessary office supplies, computers, time, and connectivity costs (not to mention the cost of training), that new hire is costing a lot more than anticipated. When you use a virtual assistant, all of those costs will be included at a fraction of the price.
  4. Get Administrative Help When you Need it Most: Since many HVAC companies start with just an expert technician and a truck, hiring a new employee is no small feat. Even when you think your company is ready to expand, you may find it difficult (not to mention costly) to keep a new employee busy all day. With a virtual assistant, you can skip the hassle and save money by getting help when you need it most.
  5. Service 24/7: A virtual assistant is there when you can’t be. No matter if you are on a job, or it if it’s after hours and on the weekends, your phone will still be answered. This not only helps you land every lead possible, it shows your customers that you care. Giving them better service than the competition is a key way to retain and grow your business.

If you are looking to grow your HVAC business by always being there when the phone rings and save money by not hiring a new employee, a virtual assistant is exactly what you need. Do your research so that you find a company that offers you the service and quality you need out of a virtual assistant. Your business depends on it.

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