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6 Things You Didn't Know About Hiring a Virtual Receptionist

hiring virtual receptionist services

If you've ever worked in an office, you know how often your office phone rings throughout the day. When the phone rings, you're forced to stop what you're doing to answer the phone. Often times, you'll need to take a message for an employee who is out of the office or you'll transfer the call to their voicemail. We've all been there, and being interrupted throughout the day leads to decreased productivity over time.

Many companies are now using virtual receptionists instead of hiring traditional receptionists to help them screen calls and provide support to customers. The services provided by virtual receptionists are often misunderstood, and many business owners are hesitant to outsource this job to someone else. Despite working remotely, virtual receptionists can perform many of the same responsibilities as an internal receptionist. If you're new to the idea of hiring a virtual receptionist, here are some of the benefits you can expect:

7 Common Misconceptions About Answering Services

answering services misconceptions

For many businesses, the thought of using a professional telephone answering service seems like an extravagance. Businesses often believe that people will be put off by the idea of talking to a call center or that receptionists won't be able to answer their customers' questions. Despite this misguided thought process, the answering service industry helps thousands of businesses grow and succeed every year. There are many misconceptions about the answering service and call center industry. Here are seven of the most common myths about answering services:

5 Benefits of Using an Answering Service for Your Business

a professional answering service

Many business owners will tell you that customer service and building lasting relationships are the keys to a successful business. But all too often, businesses believe that using a call center or telephone answering service is an extravagance or something to consider in the future. However, using a telephone answering service can be a great way to deliver strong customer service and build relationships with your customers or clients. If you're on the fence, here are 5 benefits of using an answering service for your business:

5 Benefits of a Medical Answering Service

using a medical answering service

In order for a medical office to run efficiently, there are a number of people who need to be doing their jobs to the best of their ability. Nurses, physicians and staff need to work together to create the best patient experience possible. Medical offices can be extremely hectic when patients are sick and need medical attention. Patients don't want to deal with the frustration of inefficient communication when they are dealing with difficult circumstances.

Inbound Marketers: Increase Lead Generation with a Professional Answering Service


As an "inbound" marketer, you put a lot of analysis and thought into the user experience on your web presence. You build campaigns based on your visitors' needs, desires, and wants and you try to deliver the ideal content to their searches. Your calls-to-action are attention grabbing, and your landing pages are optimized for awesome conversion rates, but what about those web visitors who don't fill out your forms – but instead pick up their phones and call? It might be hard to see how your current marketing efforts and hiring a professional answering service are alike, and the truth is that while they don't have much in common, they can and should work together to help you convert your website visitors into customers.

What are Professional Answering Services?


Life happens regardless of whether you're in the office. People need information, whether it's sales inquiries, product support, or directions. Making sure they have the ability to contact your organization when they need your services is extremely important. At first, it's easy to keep up with all of the incoming calls, but as time goes on and the volume of calls increases, it can get harder to keep up. That's where a professional answering service comes in. Answering services aren't new, but the capabilities have evolved in recent years. Answering services can be beneficial in just about any industry where good quality customer service is a vital part of the business model.

Benefits of Using a Telephone Answering Service for Your Growing Company

A quality telephone answering service

Regardless of the size or scale of your company, making sure your clients have the ability to contact you when they need your services is extremely important. When you first start out, it's easy to stay on top of incoming calls yourself, or with your staff – but as business expands, the demands of operating the company leave you with less and less time to devote to answering calls. Hiring a well-qualified telephone answering service to assist you either full-time or just during your "closed" hours is a fantastic way to make sure that you never lose a client do to a missed call. 

National Answering Service on Importance of Changing Your Perspective

national answering service says change your perspective

I was at a medical industry conference early last month and the primary topic was the looming conversion to ICD-10.  For those of you not in the medical industry, this conversion basically means that the 13,000 or so codes currently used by medical providers would be replaced with over 68,000 codes effective October 1 of this year.  These codes are a big part of what enable physicians’ offices to get paid via reimbursements from health insurance; so obviously, this government mandated change is a massive undertaking for healthcare providers.  So much so, that the keynote session for this particular event, was a motivational speaker to help the group find some inspiration to tackle such a daunting project. 

The Cheapest After Hours Answering Service

after hours answering service pricing

It happened again.  Someone called in for after hours answering services and the first words out of their mouth were ‘I just want to know your pricing’.  Of course my first thought was to reply ‘Why? Is what you do really cheap?’  But instead, I opted for the safer route and let them know I would be happy to provide pricing information, I just needed to ask some questions first.

Homepage Slideshows Could be Costing You Clicks and Leads

Hendrik-Jan Francke

(Guest Post by Hendrik-Jan Francke - web usability expert) 
Studies show users might be missing your important messages
Slideshows, or carousels are a popular homepage feature that seem like a great way for multiple pieces of content to occupy prime real estate above the fold. However, more information isn’t always better.

Recent research suggests the slideshow might be hurting your homepage, not helping it.

  • Users only view one or two slides: In a study by Notre Dame, only 1% of users click on a slide show feature and 84% of these clicks were on the first slide.
  • Auto-scrolling slides distract users: Studies show that motion from transitioning from slide to slide decreases visibility for the slide and the rest of the page.

Bottom line – your important slideshow messages are being missed by your customers and prospects! Users make a judgement within just 3 seconds if they want to continue looking at your site – if that information isn’t on the first slide, they probably won’t click further.

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