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National Answering Service on Importance of Changing Your Perspective

national answering service says change your perspective

I was at a medical industry conference early last month and the primary topic was the looming conversion to ICD-10.  For those of you not in the medical industry, this conversion basically means that the 13,000 or so codes currently used by medical providers would be replaced with over 68,000 codes effective October 1 of this year.  These codes are a big part of what enable physicians’ offices to get paid via reimbursements from health insurance; so obviously, this government mandated change is a massive undertaking for healthcare providers.  So much so, that the keynote session for this particular event, was a motivational speaker to help the group find some inspiration to tackle such a daunting project. 

The Cheapest After Hours Answering Service

after hours answering service pricing

It happened again.  Someone called in for after hours answering services and the first words out of their mouth were ‘I just want to know your pricing’.  Of course my first thought was to reply ‘Why? Is what you do really cheap?’  But instead, I opted for the safer route and let them know I would be happy to provide pricing information, I just needed to ask some questions first.

Homepage Slideshows Could be Costing You Clicks and Leads

Hendrik-Jan Francke

(Guest Post by Hendrik-Jan Francke - web usability expert) 
Studies show users might be missing your important messages
Slideshows, or carousels are a popular homepage feature that seem like a great way for multiple pieces of content to occupy prime real estate above the fold. However, more information isn’t always better.

Recent research suggests the slideshow might be hurting your homepage, not helping it.

  • Users only view one or two slides: In a study by Notre Dame, only 1% of users click on a slide show feature and 84% of these clicks were on the first slide.
  • Auto-scrolling slides distract users: Studies show that motion from transitioning from slide to slide decreases visibility for the slide and the rest of the page.

Bottom line – your important slideshow messages are being missed by your customers and prospects! Users make a judgement within just 3 seconds if they want to continue looking at your site – if that information isn’t on the first slide, they probably won’t click further.

Year-To-Date Reality Check from a Live Operator Answering Service

snow again? call for live operator answering service

One month down already in 2014, with at least three major snow events, multiple single digit temperature days, school delays, event cancellations…  Oh, and are you on plan for the year now that month #1 has come to an end? 

Philadelphia Answering Service: Add a Live Voice to Inbound Marketing

philadelphia answering service inbound marketing

The term Inbound marketing, coined less than ten years ago, has become one of the most popular strategies to build and grow new business development efforts in recent history.  Although the concept of creating and sharing useful, findable content to aid in the sales process has been around for a while, it never really took off in force until the last decade because most of the communications channels and search tools it now thrives in, simply did not exist back then. 

24/7 Answering Service 'Rings' in the New Year

24/7 answering service rings in 2014

Happy New Year to all our clients and friends!  Of course, we have been welcomed into the New Year across the country with snow storms, sub-zero temperatures and even black-ice on the roadways; leaving some to lament “what’s so happy about it”.  If you do currently utilize our 24/7 answering services, hopefully our efforts on your behalf made things a little easier on your customers and colleagues throughout the holidays as well as this crazy weather! 

Top 5 Answering Service Blog Posts of 2013

Top 5 answering service blog posts

Let’s face it, there is an awful lot of stuff in the business world that, on the surface, does not appear to be very exciting.  When I go to a business or social function and get the inevitable question of “Where do you work”, and I respond with “A professional answering service”, the response is usually somewhere between crickets chirping to a feigned interest comment like “Oh, so you take a lot of phone calls?”.  On the other hand, when I respond with something a little more descriptive like: “We provide a friendly, live voice to the most important people for a business – the clients, prospects or patients that are the source of all revenue to that business”; I seem to get a lot better conversation started. 

Call Handling Service Prepares for the Holidays

a call handling service for the holidays

What is on your wish list for the holidays? A big screen TV? The latest, greatest tablet? Or just some time off to spend with family and friends?  As a call handling service, there is one thing we get a lot more of over the holidays; and that is calls.  It’s okay, that is what we are set-up for.  Many offices have holiday parties or year-end meetings, employees take some well-deserved extra time off, and several businesses have limited hours or can close entirely for the last week of December.  But this doesn’t mean that your clients stop calling you completely. 

Snow Day? Not for the Doctors Answering Service

snow and the doctors answering service

As kids, we all loved snow days.  As adults, it can be a very different story.  Sure, it can still be fun if you and your immediate family are all safe at home when the white stuff starts falling, but that is rarely the case these days.  I talked to 19 different friends in the last few days, each with their own story of how they got caught in a snow storm over the weekend, just trying to get home.    

Medical Answering Services Adapt to Changing Landscape

Better medical answering services

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the troubled launch of have dominated the spotlight for healthcare related news in the national media for some time now.  And rightfully so; after all, most of us know of someone who either received a policy cancellation notice, faces a large increase in their premium, or is affected by some other issue that has created uncertainty in their ability to get and keep the coverage they have become accustomed to. 

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